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Tentmakers Network grew from an idea for a volunteer app into a company poised to break down barriers and further the Great Commission. Learn more about our story, our vision, and the people making it all happen.

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Why Tentmakers Network?

The Great Commission is every Christian’s call to witness to and embody the good news of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection. However, Christian missions are struggling to reach the whole world. There are many reasons for this, including Christians falling short in investing their time and Christian missions working in environments of scarcity.

This especially includes fractional missionaries—those who don’t have the ability to conduct full-time missionary work, but whose skills would be an incredibly valuable resource to mission organizations even in a part-time capacity.

Tentmakers Network seeks to break down the most stubborn barriers to active engagement by creating a software platform where Christians, faith-based nonprofits, churches, and other groups looking to further the Great Commission can connect with each other to more efficiently put Christian resources to use.


Tentmakers Network began as a thought experiment: How can we more effectively connect ourselves and our peers with faith-based organizations working to advance the Great Commission? This thought experiment became a strategic plan, that strategic plan led to full-time team members, and those team members are now poised to hit the ground running with an app connecting Christians and volunteer efforts around the world.


Statement of Faith


Tentmakers Network is more than a volunteer networking app—we’re a Christian non-profit founded on and driven by our faith. As a Christian organization, our whole team subscribes to a statement of faith. Please view our statement of faith here.

Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.
Matthew 9:37



Our team includes people from many branches of the Christian family tree, all dedicated to advancing the Kingdom with our unique skills and experiences.

Scott Elequin

Executive Director

As Executive Director, Scott Elequin oversees the administration, programs, and strategic planning of Tentmakers Network, along with various other duties.

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Nick Alter

Board Member

A Co-Founder of Tentmakers Network, Nick Alter is involved in vision casting, architecting the platform, hiring, fundraising, brand development, advising, and more.

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David Bull

Board Member

As Co-Founder, David Bull provides much of the vision and strategy to guide us forward and keep Tentmakers focused on our core purpose.

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Bill O’Grady

Board Member

Bill O’Grady’s primary role is to create the technology framework and architecture that delivers the Tentmakers Network mission to the global community in need.

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Mitchell Elequin

Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, Mitchell works to streamline processes, compare results to predictions, and manage resources for Tentmakers Network.

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Jeff Johnson

Board Member

Jeff Johnson works to connect Tentmakers Network with much of the Church and Christian Leader community in Austin in order to bring on new partners.

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Bruce Wilson

Product Strategy and Vision Officer

As Product Strategy and Vision Officer, Bruce provides direction to the vision and strategy of Tentmakers Network, promotes the TMN concept, develops...

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Tim Allen

Board Member

As a board member, Tim Allen supports the Tentmakers team in innovating a new movement to engage and advance the Great Commission.

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