Great Commission Organization

When was the last time

You had to make a decision in an area you didn’t feel confident in?

What if you could have picked up the phone and called someone with experience and expertise?

Not only can you ask an expert, we can match you with Christian professionals who want to lend their time on a regular basis to build the capacity of your needs.

Tasks are divided into 3 areas

Project Based

Project Based tasks utilizes the Tentmakers Project Discovery Tool which allows those in the field to more accurately identify a potential expert volunteer match. Depending on the assignment, the GCO and volunteer may work via Zoom, email, What’sApp, chat or a phone call.

Expert on Demand

Expert on Demand is for volunteers who when activating their personal profile identifies an area of expertise. The GCO can then connect for a quick 30 minute to 1 hour phone call to provide guidance on a specific matter, or simply to consult on a particular topic. The GCO peruses the profiles of experts and requests a meeting through the Tentmakers Platform.

Packaged Services

Tentmakers has developed a catalog of service opportunities that are frequently needed by GCOs who can review a catalog of items and choose areas of need. The GCO has a clear understanding of what services will be delivered, and the volunteer has a clear understanding of what will be expected therefore simplifying the selection/matching process.

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