Humanitarian Relief Organizations

Humanitarian relief organizations seek to address problems related to human flourishing, including persistent social justice issues such as healthcare, legal advocacy, economic injustice, child welfare, and hunger. These organizations frequently partner with churches and missionaries, relying heavily on donations and volunteer work to further their mission.

By joining Tentmakers Network, humanitarian organizations gain access to an entire network of passionate and talented volunteers looking to lend their skills to worthy causes and serve humanity throughout the Kingdom of God. When volunteers and organizations are matched through our algorithm, both parties can be confident that their respective needs will be well-aligned. 

In turn, this will hopefully lead to a fruitful relationship wherein volunteers can contribute to the causes that matter most to them—and organizations can access more of the skills resources that are otherwise scarce to them.

Other Missions


Missionaries work to grow ministries throughout the world. Tentmakers Network makes it easier than ever for missionaries to grow their ministries by connecting with Christian supporters globally.

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The Church is the Bride and Body of Christ. Tentmakers Network makes it easier for churches to partner with the organizations and missions most meaningful to them and their congregations.

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Sending Organizations

Sending organizations work to help send missionaries onto the field. Through our platform, dedicated individuals can support or work with these valuable organizations.

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Tentmakers are those who view work as an opportunity to serve the Kingdom of God. Learn how our network helps empower Tentmakers in their efforts.

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Education and Training Organizations

Also called “equipping organizations,” this includes seminaries, bible colleges, and training ministries that equip individuals and organizations with the skills necessary to succeed in their professional and ministerial endeavors.

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Business as Mission Organizations

BAMs are profitable and sustainable businesses that are intentional about serving a Kingdom of God purpose and impacting people and nations. Learn how our network helps these businesses connect with skilled professionals to further their missions.

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Missions Content Creation and Distribution Organizations

These organizations generate, acquire, or integrate content and distribute it for the sake of Gospel. They often rely on donations and dedicated volunteers, and Tentmakers Network makes it easy for them to reach the resources they need.

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Miscellaneous Great Commission Support Organizations

Some other organizations and businesses support GCOs, such as by providing professional services, IT solutions, coaching, or financing. Tentmakers Network helps these organizations more easily offer their support.

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